Hello. My name is Teslandar. Drow killed my father, prepare to die.


Just plain awesome.


Teslandar grew up in a small Elandrin settlement. His family was not extremely prominent, but nor were they unimportant. He was not unfamiliar with the world, however, by no means was he well versed in other races culture. Like most Elandrin, he had a disconnected view of the world and often comes across as arrogant to those unfamiliar with his disposition. Like most in his village, Teslandar had resigned himself to a quiet, yet inspired life. All of that changed when the Drow attacked.

They came at night, and were swarming trough the settlement before an alarm could be raised. As Drow do, they made quick work of the village. All able bodies were killed, taken as slaves, or left to die from their wounds. Teslandar was one of the “fortunate” ones, left for dead. A scar across Teslandar chest still bears witness to the event.

That night..changed Teslandar. One cannot see that much devastation, suffering and merciless killing without being emotionally damaged. Teslandar was no exception. He should have died. On countless occasion, he wished that he did die. But that was not his fate. A mixed band of adventurers had stumbled upon the Drow attack party’s tracks and investigated the aftermath of the struggle. They ultimately saved Teslandar’s life and took him to a nearby town.

After some years of depression, desperation and wandering, Teslandar came across a human priest of the Raven Queen. He taught Teslandar of her ways and how suffering and death are just part of life, natural and unavoidable. How death occurs is no consequence as the Raven Queen protects those on their journey to the next plane. Due to Teslandar’s circumstance he drank in the priest’s teachings, becoming devout almost immediately. The prist took Teslandar to his order’s hidden monastery where Teslandar trained both mentally and physically until his skills were unmatched.

Upon the completion of his training, Teslandar left the monastery to spread the Raven Queen’s ideals. However, a secondary objective has recently swayed Teslandar from his missionary duty, find the Drow that murdered his village and enact revenge.

This quest. This obsession drove Telandar to find the adventurers that saved him all those years ago. Perhaps they could help him find the band that attacked his home. Unfortunately, Teslandar could only track down the half-elf Argyle, who had joined a new adventuring band. Argyle, along with AIAO, a warforged paladin, and Arija, a half-elf bard, allowed Teslandar to join their group.

Along with his new friends, Teslandar set out in search of the Drow that wronged him so long ago.

Teslandar, due to his heritage, attempts to prevent unneeded suffering, especially to those in similar situations to his own past. Though he feels no pity to those who suffer and die, he feels a moral obligation to help when appropriate. He is very reserved, and appears disconnected from the concerns of the world. He often comes across arrogant, though that is not his intention.

Above all, Teslandar hates all Drow, regardless of class, situation or circumstance. In most encounters he would not think twice before entering combat to kill a Drow, no matter the odds.

In addition, Teslandar, adheres to his god’s beliefs and teachings to a fault. Unchecked pride must be punished and the undead cleansed from the Earth. Next to the Drow, the Undead and those that worship or interact with them are the most vile creatures that “live”.


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