A warforged paladin.


All Warforged were created to serve as soldiers in the preservation of the Nerath Empire some 3 centuries ago. As the mighty empire crumbled into ever violent infighting, the practice of sending artifice proxies into battle became common among wealthy nobles. Originally lauded as a boon to the sanctity of life, the practice heralded universal revile among peasant soldiers slaughtered by the faceless toys of spoiled brats.

AIAO – Autonomous Indentured Armored Organism – is the moniker of a Warforged concept machination. He was devised by Lord Owlgarde, an influential noble who managed to maintain relative stability within his territory. Fearing the obsolescence of age and the murmurs of ambiguous succession, Lord Owlgarde consorted with a talented artificer to create a Warforged capable of carrying the mantle of his fiefdom into eternity. Owlgarde was fully aware of the advantages of metal men on the battlefield, but was unwilling to dash the sovereignty of his vassals by installing an iron dictator. He aimed to create a tool which a wise ruler could manipulate as an extension of themselves. Thus AIAO was created, imbued with three directives:

I must serve a master.

I must defend them with conviction.

I may have conviction.

Dismayed by the “loathsome, gilded arses”ǂ of neighboring provinces, Owlgarde built AIAO to support the imposing frame of the once fearsome knight rather than fight in his place. Completely autonomous yet perfectly loyal, AIAO moved as one with his liege from battleground to royal chamber observing the veteran acquire territory though silver maul and silver tongue.

AIAO remained in faithful service of Owlgarde, present even next to his deathbed. The conflicts of AIAO’s directives had grown more apparent as his master needed to be defended from himself. Erwin, a bastard son, had laid claim to the provinces. Erwin was manipulative and opportunistic, only gaining the blessings of Owlgarde in senility. AIAO mused that blood was their only common bond. As Erwin disingenuously held his father in the final hours, Owlgarde delivered his final order “serve with conviction.” This was not directed at Erwin…

Owlgarde, in his wisdom, had never revealed AIAO’s sentience to the kingdom. Not wishing to serve an usurping sycophant, neither did AIAO. Rendered immobile by the first directive, AIAO sat in silent protest as a lifeless suit of armor. He was placed in the Archives of War, too cumbersome an artifact for casual display. ....................................................................................

ǂ Referring to nobles who sent armies into battle from the comfort of their thrones.


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